Southern Right Whale Tracking [2024]

In 2024 we are deploying 10 satellite tags on southern right whales as part of a collaborative international study to assess the impacts of tagging on whales and to collect information on the movements of right whales across the south-west Atlantic region.

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Sei Whale Tracking

Since 2022 we have been deploying small numbers of satellite tags on the dorsal fins of sei whales to learn more about their movements, habitat use and diving behaviour around the Falkland Islands. This is one of the first telemetry studies of sei whales anywhere globally!

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Southern Right Whale Tracking [2022]

In 2022 we carried out the first satellite tagging work of southern right whales in the Falklands, with the aim of understanding more about their movements and dive behaviour around the Islands. We also learnt a lot about their wider-region movements, including trips by some animals to Antarctica, South Georgia, Tierra del Fuego and calving areas in Argentina.

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