New Island Restoration

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New Island is beautiful. With its rich cliff-lined shores teaming with albatross, seals and burrowing seabirds, it truly is a wildlife sanctuary. In fact, it is not only a National Nature Reserve, but also an internationally recognised Important Bird Area and its inshore waters are a major hotspot for seabirds. But that wildlife is under threat.  

4 invasive species, introduced in the past 2 centuries by whalers and sealers, are competing with and predating on native birds and damaging vegetation. These are rats, mice, feral cats, and rabbits.  

Since FC’s acquisition of New Island in 2020, it has been our long-term goal to continue the great work of the New Island Conservation Trust (NICT) to conserve its native wildlife and habitats, prevent further damage, and restore populations and habitats to a more natural state.  

The Project

Over the course of the next two winters, we will investigate the best course of action for a possible future removal of the invasive species. This will involve trialing non-toxic bait to better understand take-up rates from both target and non-target species and looking at the most effective ways to safeguard native species. We’ll also bolster biosecurity to reduce the risk of new invasive species establishing and causing harm.  

So what are the threats?

The below is a recorded interview by FIRS with our Biosecurity and Invasives Manager, Ross James, on the announcement of the New Island Restoration project.  

If you have any questions about the restoration work on New Island please don’t hesitate to contact  

This is a Darwin-plus funded project, in partnership with the RSPB and the Falkland Islands Government.