Albatross Adoptions

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These beautiful birds call New Island their home!

The Falkland Islands are the global stronghold for black-browed albatross, containing a massive 70% of the world’s population. The FC-owned New Island group of islands are recognised as a globally important seabird hotspot, supporting nearly 10% of the Falklands’ black-browed albatross population in their cliff-top rookeries.

Albatross pairs famously tend to mate for life, which for some of these birds can be over 50 years. They lay a single white egg in October, on top of striking nest pillars caringly constructed over years from guano and mud. Fledging chicks will be left by their parents in April and take their first ventures into the wider world on their own.

By adopting an albatross in the Falkland Islands you are making a valuable contribution to our practical conservation activities. Thank you.

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This adopt an albatross adoption gift pack contains:

  • Welcome letter
  • Information booklet on the black-browed albatross at New Island
  • Black-browed albatross photo
  • Black-browed albatross pin badge
  • Black-browed albatross postcard
  • Adoption registration form

If the adoption is a gift, once the adopter registers the adoption online/via email they will then be sent:

  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • Wildlife Conservation in the Falkland Islands magazine
  • Newsletter updates from Falklands Conservation

Registration & Renewals:

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