Register Your Albatross


Thank you for adopting a beautiful black-browed albatross and for supporting Falklands Conservation. To finalise your registration, please follow the below instructions.


To register your albatross, please send us an email with the following information:

Send info


  • Unique Code:
  • Albatross’ name to go on certificate:
  • Adopter’s name:
  • Adopter’s phone number:
  • Adopter’s address to send adoption pack:
  • Adopter’s email:
  • Purchaser’s name:
  • Purchaser’s phone number:
  • Purchaser’s address:
  • Purchaser’s email:
  • Newsletter updates via email or post:


We would like to use your contact details to communicate with you with news and information about Falklands Conservation and ways to support us. Please also indicate how you would like us to contact you:
Email / Phone / Direct Mail (post) / SMS

That’s it!

Our Albatross Adoption Team will now be able to register your albatross, and we look forward to sending you updates and information about the black-browed albatross on New Island, and about other fantastic Falklands wildlife.

Thank you for your support.