Influencing decisions within society for the benefit of the natural environment

The Big Plastic Count

Between 16th – 22nd May the Watch Group need YOU to help us better understand the types of plastic waste that are used the most in our community and how much of it! We will then use this data to inform future campaigns to reduce, reuse and recycle. Download the tally sheet below to get counting!

Big Plastic Count

How do we make real conservation change?
There are a number of ways to achieve it.
We can get out in the field and undertake conservation action.

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We can provide education and inspiration to the next generation of decision makers through our Watch Group.

The Watch Group

However strong our own ambition or educational resource is – we also need to influence and support those able to make nationwide decision to make larger scale changes – based on the information provided by our conservation action.

We work closely with the Falkland Islands Government and other key stakeholders in the Islands to ensure leading practice in new developments on the Islands. This includes providing independent scrutiny on large scale development proposals.

We also work with our international partners to keep us up to date on new practice and ensure we are providing the best value advice possible. We strive to ensure we are agenda setting within the Islands for the benefit of the natural environment.

Community Involvement

We work on behalf of our members, and in partnership with the local and international community to conserve the Falklands natural environment by community outreach, practical conservation, research and delivery.

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