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There are three breeding species of pinniped in the Falkland Islands, the Southern Sea Lion, the South American Fur Seal, and the Southern Elephant Seal.

Southern Sea Lion

The Southern Sea Lion (Otaria flavescens) is widely distributed around the Islands, but particularly favour sheltered beaches on Tussac islands.

They are relatively large, stocky animals, with the males being much larger than the females in size.

South American Fur Seal

South American Fur Seals, (Arctocephalus australis) are locally common on rock shelves of outer islands, including Bird Island and the Jason Islands.

They are relatively small, with a prominent snout and long, slender flippers.

Adults appear dark brown, grey, or black, with females paler than males. Pups are black when first born, but become paler as they mature.

Southern Elephant Seal

The Southern Elephant Seal, (Mirounga leonina), is the largest pinniped in the world.

They are the least common seal to be found in the Falklands, with numerous numbers only found on Sea Lion Island.

This species exhibits very pronounced sexual dimorphism with the bulls weighing up to four times the adult females.



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