Register your Penguin


Thank you for adopting a wonderful king penguin, and for supporting Falklands Conservation. To finalise your registration, please follow the below instructions.


To register your penguin,

please send the following information to

  • Your unique registration code
  • Your penguin’s name
  • Adopter’s full name
  • Adopter’s full address
  • Adopter’s phone number
  • Adopter’s email address
  • Purchaser’s full name, address, and email (if different to the Adopter)
  • Please also confirm that you’re happy to help us go paperless by receiving your penguin adoption newsletter by email, rather than post.


That’s it!

Our Penguin Adoption Team will now be able to register your penguin, and we look forward to sending you updates and information about the king penguin colony at Volunteer Point.

Thank you for your support.


If you are looking to RENEW a penguin adoption, please download the below form and follow the enclosed instructions. We look forward to being able to continue to send you your newsletters and updates.



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