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Falklands Conservation is a small team, with 13 staff based in our head office in Stanley running our main conservation efforts, 2 wardens on New Island, and 1 additional staff member based our UK office in Sandy, Bedfordshire. We also rely on a number of dedicated volunteers both in the UK and in the Falkland Islands, along with our Trustees in the UK and FI. They are all vitally important in enabling us to undertake our work.

Chief Executive Officer: Esther Bertram

Drives the organisation forward through focus of the strategic objectives. Leads on promoting conservation ambition, working with government and local industries and international partners.


Conservation Manager: Andy Stanworth

Manages the conservation team to deliver our conservation action objectives.

Technical Administration Officer: Pamela Q Jelbes

Manages the financial, human resources and administrative aspects of the organisation.

Habitats Officer: Frin Ross

Delivers our habitat restoration management and engages with local landowners to assist them in their own habitat restoration initiatives.

Cetacean Project Officer: Caroline Weir

Delivers our cetaceans research in the Falkland Islands, with special focus on the endangered sei whales.

Peatlands Biodiversity Project Manager: David Higgins

Delivers our Darwin Plus project to drive sound stewardship of Falklands nationally vulnerable peatland habitats for wildlife, through research, conservation, restoration, and community engagement.

Marine Conservation Officer: Emma Harte

Delivers our marine community stakeholder engagement activities in regards to management and development issues including improved understanding of management tools such as Key Biodiversity Areas.

Biosecurity & Invasives Manager: Ross James

Manages and delivers policy and practical measures for developing biosecurity on FC sites, including through the current New Island restoration project.

Sites Officer: Grant Munro

Manages the islands and other land-assets of Falklands Conservation to ensure our good stewardship of these important areas.

Community Outreach Officer: Glenn Welch

Engages and involves the community on our conservation priorities. Coordinates our educational youth group and adult outreach activities.

Communications and Marketing Officer: Sorrel Pompert Robertson

Develops, manages and delivers Falklands Conservation’s communications plan, including public relations, local marketing, event management and local fundraising.

New Island Business and Logistics Officer: Jenni Sol

Manages our business and logistics activities on New Island, following the 2020 merger of Falklands Conservation and the New Island Conservation Trust.

Administration Officer: Mark McLeod

The first point of contact for public enquiries, and provides administrative support to all aspects of the organisation.

New Island Wardens: John and Alison Barton

Located on New Island, overseeing the day-to-day activities on the island.

UK Administrator: Alicia Boyer

Oversees UK office with membership engagement, retail operations, and day to day administration.

Herbarium Curator: Helen Marsh

Maintains the National Herbarium on a voluntary basis.

Trustees & Governance

Falklands Conservation is a charitable company limited by guarantee (company number 03661322), incorporated on 4th November 1998. The company is governed by our Articles of Association.

Vice Presidents: Sir David Attenborough, Julian Fitter, Robert Gibbons, Mark Carwardine, Peter Harrison, Rebecca Ingham, and Mandy Shepherd.

The Directors of the company are also charity Trustees for the purposes of charity law and under the company’s Articles are known as members of the Board of Trustees. The composition of the Board reflects the key role of the charity with all Trustees committed to the protection of wildlife in the Falkland Islands.

Board of Trustees:Roger Spink (Board Chairman), Henry Robinson (Board Vice Chair), Paul Brewin (FI Committee Vice Chair), Keith Biles (FI Hon Treasurer), Thomas Blake, Tim Carr, Jan Cheek, Colin Clubbe, Sally-Ann Wilson, Ian Moncrieff, Elizabeth Radford, Nicola Granger, Phyl Rendell, David Crwys-Williams.

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