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King penguins are amazing! Once paired, the parents will remain together for the 14 or so months it takes to raise a single chick. They work as a shift team – one parent staying at the colony with the egg/chick while the other goes on what can be an incredible journey to gather food. During the winter, the chicks are left alone and rely primarily on their fat reserves to survive. The parents undertake extended foraging trips, returning only rarely to feed the chick. Adult birds have been tracked making round trips that can last over 50 days and cover up to 1,800 km (1,100 miles)!

By adopting a penguin in the Falkland Islands, you are helping us to continue our work to conserve these incredible seabirds, and the other amazing wildlife of these islands.


Adopt a Penguin Gift Pack

Adopt a Penguin Gift Pack, £25

Help conserve penguins in the Falkland Islands

By adopting a penguin you are making a valuable contribution to our practical conservation activities.

This adopt a penguin gift pack contains –

  • welcome letter
  • information booklet on the king penguin colony at Volunteer Point
  • king penguin photo
  • king penguin pin badge
  • king penguin postcard
  • adoption registration form

Once you have registered your gift, you will be sent –

  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • Wildlife Conservation in the Falkland Islands magazine
  • Newsletter updates from Falklands Conservation

Registration and Renewals:

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Penguin Adoption Renewal

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